The 2nd Art Exhibition by Creative Professionals

Dates: Nov 17 - Dec 2, 2012
Opening: Nov 17 - Dec 2, 2012 (Sat.). 14:00
Venue: SOHO Century Plaza, Shanghai
288 Xiangcheng Rd., Pudong Shanghai (by Century Avenue - Century Avenue Station for Lines 2/4/6/9)
Organizer: WELOVEAD
Sponsor: SOHO China
Curator: Mido Xu | WELOVEAD
Participating artists: Awoo Lai | ECD | BBDO SH
Fan Ng | ECD | Saatchi & Saatchi SH
Andrew Lok | Co-founder | Civilization
Forest Young | GCD | Saatchi & Saatchi SH
Jody Xiong | GCD | Leo Burnett SH
Yan Chay | GCD | TBWA SH
Thomas Zhu | GCD | Ogilvy SH
Handsome Wong | ACD | Y&R SH
Huang Haibo | ACD | Saatchi & Saatchi SH + Ouyang Wenbin
Koko Huang | Group Head | Ogilvy SH
Martin Ding | Group Head | BBDO SH
Jie Jie Huang| Group Head | Y&R SH
Phoebe Liao | Sr. Art Director | Ogilvy SH
Yin Yin Wu | Sr. Copywriter | Y&R SH
Jack Xuan | Art Director | Ogilvy SH
Sam Shan | Copywriter | Ogilvy SH
Adam Taylor | Photographer | Australia
Akim Zerouali | Art Director | Y&R | France
Henry Brimmer | Professor of Advertising, Michigan State University | United States
Michael Korte | Photographer | Germany
Miloushka Bokma| Photographer & Artist | Netherlands

With SOHO Space, find space of yours;
With SOHO Space, build space of yours;
With SOHO Space, create space of yours;
With SOHO Space, show space of yours.

It is a physical space, and a psychological space as well. There is physical distance within physical space. Not hard to understand this. What about psychological distance? The distance from you to the world, or to the surroundings, or to the other people, or even to yourself.

Is your face getting obscure, when walking in streets and people that is getting faster and faster?
Are you getting suffocated in such living and working environments?
Let's keep neither calm nor restless.
Let's keep create the SOHO Space from your own space.
Let's make a distinguishable YOU from your obscure identity.

For ourselves
For others
For internationality
For self-preservation
For rights
For duties
For helping, for protecting, for pacifying and for supporting
For being helped, for being protected, for being pacified and for being supported
For friendship and for family
For love and being loved
For crossover
For culture
For faith
For creativity
For success and for failure
For connecting, collaborating and progressing
For reliability
For distance
For no distance
For space
For out of space

Let's get into the obscure space of yours.

Artworks of last year:

Triangle Chocolate Installation | Kevin Lee, Mike Tay, Sun Lihong, Meng Ling, Zhang Lei, Wu Jialei, Deng Wenhao...
Age of Dharma Decline | Forest Young
The Lonely Keyboard | Jody Xiong
Currency Scheme (100 RMB/100 USD/Face Series) | Hei Yiyang
Specimen/Mood IV - Emotions of Autumn | Asoso Liu
The Twelve Shichen (Zi/Chou/Yin/Mao/Chen/Si/Wu/Wei/Shen/You/Xu/Hai) | Ever Song
It all started from Anthony | Sean Hsiao
Tapes of Graphic Art | Li Chen
The Great WallPaper Ming | Luigi Laurenzi
Walking on the Shore | Antonin Lelievre
Gift | Lik Ho

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