After The Parade

video art | 2010 | digital video | 1' 30"
Adam Taylor | Photographer

An inquiry of human nature and a search for our identity, what do our costumes and masks reveal about us, are we the mask or are we the wearer of the mask?

About Adam Taylor

Adam Taylor is a photographer and emerging director from Sydney Australia. His sensibility is down-to-earth, he loves what he does and likes to work intuitively, creating imagery that resonates with feeling and rhythm. Drawn to human interaction and our restless search for a place in the world, he would like to be able to touch others with his work, like music or the cinema.


Photography | 2005-2012 | digital printing | 29.7x42cm (each)
Akim Zerouali | Art Director | Y&R, Paris

“We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.”— Gibran Khalil Gibran

About Akim Zerouali

Born May 1st 1967 near Paris
In 1999, his sister, a photographer, offered him his first camera, a Zenith. Through the lens of this vintage Russian camera Akim, self-taught photographer, decided to record the world around him. Later, equipped with a 6x6 and a 24x36, he traveled the world from Paris to Queenstown via London, Dubai, Cape Town, Brussels, Beirut, Istanbul and Palermo. Through his live photographs he captured the emotions and atmosphere of fleeting moments. In 2004, together with two friends who shared their passion for photography, he created the group “L’Oeil du Chacal”. The purpose of their association was to offer three different perspectives of the same subject or place. With this idea in mind, they have already travelled to Belgium, Poland and Rumania.

Gravity Matters Little

Installation | 2012 | steel frame, modeling foam, fiberglass | 9x9x3 ft
Henry Brimmer | Professor of Advertising, Michigan State University

Gravity Matters Little is a site-specific urban work of art intended to surprise viewers when they initially discover it. It was originally installed 175 ft from the ground at a busy intersection in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for ArtPrize. Since it represents an individual in a dangerous position, and no explanation is anywhere near, it is up to the viewer to come up with his her interpretation. 

About Henry Brimmer

Henry Brimmer is a graphic designer, photographer and educator. When he is making art, he is an artist. He is interested in learning new things that challenge his comfort level. With the results of his explorations, he feels he is better equipped to teach young creatives about the joy of experimentation, risk taking, and not to be afraid of failure. Working on self-generated projects,

Raw Moments

Photography | 2011- continual project | digital printing | 100x100cm / 100x148cm
Michael Korte | Photographer | Studio Korte

Untouched digital files
In times of high-end digital images I have been controlling a photo and the content of the image mainly and heavily by postproduction.
Often my photographs are the result of my own projection - what I am expecting - but did not happen. I am often limited in visual experience because I control seeming mistakes. I am describing again and again my point of view in perfection by manipulation of the image and the image content.
I got bound with these foreseeable, antiseptic photographic results. I felt bound by the high-end technique in my work as a professional photographer.

By eliminating (hacking) the software (for handling noise reduction, color separation, grain reduction and aperture settings) of an amateur digital camera, I achieved a pure digital chip file only controlled by exposing. This generates a digital image including all photographic optical mistakes.
The photographs of "raw moments" where printed without any digital manipulation.
* My process and technical strategy might be able to push my border of photography itself into a new way of viewing and understanding.
With the project "raw moments" I am concentrating on content, perspective and exposure time of the photograph in order to use the chance to create (in parts) an unexpected image that expresses the view of my surrounding in a new way.
I kick off a new seeing.

About Michael Korte

Michael Korte is a Hamburg based photographer. He has been taking photographs at the highest level for around thirty years.
After a classical photographer’s education and several years of assistance for advertising photographers in Paris, London and New York Michael studied photography. After graduation he started travelling around the world as a photographer for GEO for more than 3 years. During the following 5 years he has been working as an advertising photographer in New York, then in Hamburg. His interest and fascination in digital media has been growing during this period. Continuously he has been optimizing his skills in photography and CGI, since 1998 also in 3D visualizations.
In his advertise work he marries the real and the unreal by combining photography with 3D elements to achieve natural, photorealistic CGI images.
Beside his advertise work he is working on photography based concept projects.

Softly to Not #1 / #2 / #3 / #4 / #5/ #6

video | 2010-2012 | digital video
Miloushka Bokma | Photographer

The personal and emotional history, which every man carries is the premise of my work. Memories are experiences reflected in someone's face, glance or posture. They are signals, as elusive traces in the body: manifest or suppressed. I examine the language of the body in relation to its environment. They are staged-in-context situations, where the human capacity and inability to relate to his or her own history become visible and tangible. There appear to be, however, unsolved riddles. The situations I create are snapshots of a personal history, in which I try to uncover hidden layers of the inner aspects of human existence. 
In my latest video works I stretch the image in time. The characters - situated in public spaces - stand for a certain emotion of the one, that is displayed and magnified in the respond of the other who is trying to keep a mask in order to conceal his or her discomfort.

Lost in City

Chinese painting | 2010-2012 | Chinese art paper
Martin Ding | Group Head | BBDO SH

Night | 97x45cm
Rain Coming | 69x52cm
New Territories | 194X49cm
Trapped | 69x46cm

The world is different by everyone perspective, the angle of seeing things would be changed by individual’s status. As the advertiser, the painter, I try to make the range of view indistinct.

About Martin Ding

Male, 1981 born in Shanghai
From my childhood, I had the great interest in Chinese painting. Later I was enrolled in China Academy of Art and majored in Western Painting. After 6 years study on different painting styles, I found that “Chinese painting” is my great favorite. After graduation from China Academy of Art, I went on my study on Design in Shanghai Jiao Tong University and now work as the creative in advertising field . and on the other time, I try to using the Chinese painting to visualize city life.

Drinking Kids

body painting/performance | 2012 | kid’s body
Fan Ng | ECD | Saatchi & Saatchi SH


Installation | 2012 | 2x2.5x7m | fake bullets, black thread
Jack Xuan | Art Director | Ogilvy SH
Sam Shan | Copywriter | Ogilvy SH

Age of Dharma Decline II

Installation | 2012 | wood, Louis Vuitton handbags, gold powder | dimension variable
Forest Young | GCD | Saatchi & Saatchi SH


Installation | 2012 | wood, silicone | 400x200x100cm
Handsome Wong | ACD | Y&R SH
Yinyin Wu | Sr. Copywriter | Y&R SH


Photography | 2006 | on photo paper | 30x30cm
Yan Chay | GCD | TBWA SH

The Table of Polluted Water

Installation | 2012 | fibre-glass+ glass | 240x240cm (2pcs)
Koko Huang |Group Head | Ogilvy SH
Phoebe Liao | Sr. Art Director | Ogilvy SH
Wang Anli | Copywriter | Ogilvy SH


fan painting | 2012 | paper, bamboo fan structure
Awoo Lai | ECD | BBDO SH

A Copy of JieZiYuan

Light installation/video | 2012 | neon lights, digital video | 200x85cm5cm
Jie Jie Huang | Group Head | Y&R SH

About Jie Jie Huang

JIE wad born in Shanghai,China.he was graduated from China Academy of Art in 2007.majored visual communication desing. Now he is working in Shanghai as a graphic designer 


Installation/Performance | 2012 | plaster models, pencils, paper | dimension variable
Huang Haibo | ACD | Saatchi & Saatchi SH + Ouyang Wenbin


Installation | 2012 | table football
Jody Xiong | GCD | Leo Burnett SH


Installation | 2012 | tins, plexiglass | 405x194cm
Andrew Lok | Civilization | Founder

China is a great civilization, but there are some aspects of modern Chinese life that have yet to be deemed civilized. What if the most common act of uncivil behavior disappeared overnight? We would be left with the tools that serviced that behavior, and we could use them to create art that celebrates our society's progress towards civilization. This civilization would be clear and obvious for all to see, but it would also be fragile and require our constant vigilance so that it does not fall apart. The best way to protect this civilization would be for all of us to offer an opinion as to how civilized we are as a society, and to share that point of view with the entire world.

About Andrew Lok

Andrew Lok is a co-founder of Civilization, a boutique creative agency that believes insightful strategy with impactful storytelling can elevate a brand's advertising to art. In his previous life, he was Executive Creative Director of BBDO Shanghai, Creative Director of Ogilvy Greater China, Managing Partner of David Singapore and Executive Creative Director of Ogilvy Guangzhou.